Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Single Prim Lamps

Another product I would like the "highlight" here are my 1 prim lamps. The shapes you can create with a single prim are sometimes amazing. The shapes reminded me of Tiffany lamps, so I made two different textures in Art Deco style for them.
The first version is textured in orange and off-white. All four models are for sale individually in my shop for L$ 29 each. On SL Exchange and in some malls in SL they are available in a pack of five:
This set includes:
1 Tall floor lamp
1 Table lamp
1 Cieling lamp
2 Wall lamps
1 Bonus item: A vase in the same design

Simply click the lamp to switch the light on/off.

To the right in the picture you can see some of the other texturing as well: similar shapes, but colored in Red, Yellow and Blue. These are also avilable in my shop and on SL Exchange.

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