Monday, March 19, 2007

The Isle of Zakiya

Today we found a very beautiful island: The Isle of Zakiya. The island features the citadel of Aleppo one of the oldest inhabited cities of the world (since 5000 BC). The similarity between the sim and the real world is striking.

Above is a picture from the citadel in Second Life, to the left is a picture of the citadel in Real Life as it can be found on Wikipedia...
We met the owner, Zakiya Khalifa and she showed us around. The island is built with the needs of a young loving couple in mind: You never have to walk far to find another pair of pose balls in a romantic spot.
The tour started with a look at the citadel itself. On the inner court of this impressive building a very friendly atmosphere invites you to dance, to lounge or to cuddle. Ample poseballs are available for these activities.
But there are many more places on the island where you can show your affection to each other. During the tour we stopped at several places to try out some of the pose balls.
And there is also a lot to see in the tunnels below the citadel.
Like this underground lake for example.
Or this hall under restauration, which is again a high-fidelity depiction of the situation in Real Life.
Of course there are also plenty of shops to rent on the island and some very beautiful residential villa's. And finally there is Club Z: A nice undergound discotheque with plenty of dances and even a dance pole.

I no longer work in a club, but pole dancing is always fun, so I just had to try it.

We had a lot of fun this evening and I am sure Tull and I will be frequent visitors on this island.