Sunday, November 23, 2008

My own trains

As you know I love trains!
I have been traveling all over the grid to go and see them. Of course I want to build my own train, but my building activities always take ages and ages to complete. And looking at other people's products is a good learning experience to find out about one way of doing it.

So I decided to buy one... From Kitto Flora. And over the past few months I have built a system of tracks in my sim that is probably the coolest KFTrain system in all of the grid. In the picture you can see Kitto visiting my Yeodeol Central Station. He was impressed with what I have done with his system.

I have also built some accessories to his KFTrain system. I will tell you more about those soon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pearls Before Swine


OK, let's be honest: My rezday party was a bit of a disappointment this year. I did get some visitors, I did get some presents (including a hippopotamus, which is a BIG present indeed), and Sam did a new stand-up comedy. But the turnout was a lot less than last year.

I see this too often in Second Life **) : People put a lot of effort into events, make very beautiful buildings, create cool products... And nobody even bothers to have a look at them! Personally I have grown over it: I feel a great deal of satisfaction in just building things I like. But I have friends from all over the world who put lots of work and money into starting a business, only to see it fail.

Now if they made a mess of their business, it would be easy to understand: People will not buy crap. SL is almost like RL in that way. But when I see real good stuff that gets no attention at all, it makes me feel sad. Avatars seem to go after only two things: FREE SEX and FREE L$. Bummer...

*): Picture by Tull kit, see
**): Second Life is, of course, a registered trademark of Linden Labs.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What's another year?

Another year, another rezday! I remember my first rezday as if it happened only yesterday. So many nice friends in my club. It is really something one should celebrate!

A rezday is an even bigger event than a birthday in RL, because years in the virtual reality are like 'dog years': Each year really counts for 7! Virtual life is a lot faster than real life. You can see it when you try to use your old landmarks: Many places have disappeared, NEW venues have taken their place!

Two years in Second Life and still loving it! This calls for a celebration with all my friends and everybody who loves a party. Come to Club XFM at noon on November 10th. and see what happens! There may even be a surpise performance on the stage...

Dresscode: Elegant and sexy.