Saturday, December 6, 2008

Gone to the Dogs

Today Tull introduced me to the VKC dogs. Very nice scripted pets! They all are very intelligent (scripted). But some of them look better than others. The most expensive, most popular and most beautiful of them all is the German Shepherd.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My own trains

As you know I love trains!
I have been traveling all over the grid to go and see them. Of course I want to build my own train, but my building activities always take ages and ages to complete. And looking at other people's products is a good learning experience to find out about one way of doing it.

So I decided to buy one... From Kitto Flora. And over the past few months I have built a system of tracks in my sim that is probably the coolest KFTrain system in all of the grid. In the picture you can see Kitto visiting my Yeodeol Central Station. He was impressed with what I have done with his system.

I have also built some accessories to his KFTrain system. I will tell you more about those soon.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Pearls Before Swine


OK, let's be honest: My rezday party was a bit of a disappointment this year. I did get some visitors, I did get some presents (including a hippopotamus, which is a BIG present indeed), and Sam did a new stand-up comedy. But the turnout was a lot less than last year.

I see this too often in Second Life **) : People put a lot of effort into events, make very beautiful buildings, create cool products... And nobody even bothers to have a look at them! Personally I have grown over it: I feel a great deal of satisfaction in just building things I like. But I have friends from all over the world who put lots of work and money into starting a business, only to see it fail.

Now if they made a mess of their business, it would be easy to understand: People will not buy crap. SL is almost like RL in that way. But when I see real good stuff that gets no attention at all, it makes me feel sad. Avatars seem to go after only two things: FREE SEX and FREE L$. Bummer...

*): Picture by Tull kit, see
**): Second Life is, of course, a registered trademark of Linden Labs.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

What's another year?

Another year, another rezday! I remember my first rezday as if it happened only yesterday. So many nice friends in my club. It is really something one should celebrate!

A rezday is an even bigger event than a birthday in RL, because years in the virtual reality are like 'dog years': Each year really counts for 7! Virtual life is a lot faster than real life. You can see it when you try to use your old landmarks: Many places have disappeared, NEW venues have taken their place!

Two years in Second Life and still loving it! This calls for a celebration with all my friends and everybody who loves a party. Come to Club XFM at noon on November 10th. and see what happens! There may even be a surpise performance on the stage...

Dresscode: Elegant and sexy.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

First conviction for virtual theft in the Netherlands

In a criminal trial in Leeuwarden, Netherlands, on Tuesday, October 21st, two minors were convicted for stealing virtual goods in the online computergame "RuneScape". They had malteated and threatened another minor and forced him to transfer a virtual amulet and a virtual mask from his game account to theirs.

The judge ruled that virtual goods are indeed goods as mentioned in article 310 of the criminal code of the Netherlands and can therefore indeed be stolen.

We can see this as an acknowledgement of all the work virtual citizens put into the creation of virtual goods and we also know now that Dutch legislation is on our side when someone illegally takes these goods away from us. A step forward!

Friday, August 29, 2008


When I came home from work today I could not get to my home location.

Zoinks! I hate it when my sim is offline!

What an ugly hole in the land...

I could walk to the end of the road, but no further. I just had to wait...

I was so happy when it came back online!
Sometimes you done know what you've got until you lose it...

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Linden Lifestyles comes to an end

I just read the sad news: The Linden Lifestyles fashion blog will stop posting as of August 5th. This is very sad news: Linden Lifestyles was one of the things that inspired me to start the "White's Virtual Life"-blog.

I think I have neglected to put a link to them in this blog, so here it is now, now that it is almost too late. Fortunately they will keep the existing content online. So you can still go check it out.

I want to thank Sabrina Doolittle and Salome Strangelove for all the work they have done on that blog! I have learned a lot there and they helped me to find some of the best outfits in my wardrobe.

I know about the effort that goes into maintaining a blog, especially a high-quality, high-traffic one like Linden Lifestyles. They managed to keep it up for a very long time. Kudos to all of the Linden Lifestyles Staff!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

The World at your Feet

Everybody wants the World at his or her feet. Well, here is your chance! On Sunday April 6th. 14:00-16:00 we will have an oriental party in Club XFM.

The Serenity Belly Dance Troupe will be performing and a live DJ will be spinning the disks for us.

And the World will be at your feet! It's a promise, come and see ;)

Dress code: Sexy & elegant

Monday, March 31, 2008

What's in a name?

You may have heard it: We are no longer allowed to refer to Second Life *) as the title of a website. So I have decided to change the name of this blog to "White's Virtual Life" instead of "White's Second Life".

People say Linden Labs must have been afraid the name Second Life would go the same way as Kleenex or Xerox: No longer a brand, but more a product. Well, I must say I see no problem with Kleenex or Xerox. The same happened to Google: The word google is nowadays not just used as a noun, but even as a verb! So what? It makes Google into a search engine nobody will ever forget. Yahoo tried to reach this effect on purpose with their slogan: "Do you Yahoo?" but it did not work for them.

The way I see it, this change of name in the blog takes me one step away from Second Life. Sure, I am still a resident of Second Life, but with this name on the blog it can also be about other virtual reality, like VRML, VirtuoCity or even the World of Warcraft. :)

*) Second Life is a registered trademark of Linden Labs.