Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Have you heard about the SL Goldrush yet? It is a brilliant idea! The avatar behind it is Nite Zelmanov. He sells gold nuggets you can hide on your land in SL.

All the nuggets get listed on his website and people can go find them. This brings lots of people to your land of course and they come to look at the place, because they want to find your nugget.

Inside the nugget you can put an object, that is given away as a prize to each avatar who clicks it. They also get a landmark to your place and most of the time they get some money (L$ 2 or L$ 3) from Nite as a reward.

But there is more! All the finds are stored in a database on Nite's website and every week, one of these is drawn to get the jackpot! The amount in the jackpot depends on the number of nuggets that were sold in the past week.

This week was a great week in nugget sales and the jackpot contained the record amount of L$ 14070. And guess who won it?? I did! Yay! Time for a big thank you to Nite in the form of this blog post.

Make sure you go check this out at the GGG HQ In-world: Peacock Park 134,236,64 or buy nuggets from one of the many GGG-vendors you find at all the locations of participating land owners. You can find mine at the New Egg market in Yeodeol...