Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Second Life on the Internet

There is a lot of information about second life available on the Internet. I have been Googling for it today and I am sure I have just scratched the surface, but still I found some very interesting things already:

  • Second Life Herald
    An online Newspaper about what is happening in Second Life. Sometimes with breaking news, sometimes with background information and sometimes just for fun.

  • Natalia's Second Life Diary Blog
    This girl's blog makes me turn green with envy! How on Earth does she manage to spend so much time on Second Life? Where on Earth did she acquire the skills she is teaching to us in the blog?
    I guess I will just have to accept she started SL earlier than I did and she does not have two RL jobs like I do.

  • Ariane
    seems to be active in more than one virtual world. The link points to a great document for learning about Second Life for both newbies and people who have been around somewhat longer.

Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I bought some land!

Yes, I very soon decided to sign up for a premium account and then I started to check for "first land" for sale several times a day. But there was never any available. Maybe first land is a thing of the past?

So I stopped waiting and started looking for any type of land. It would have to be mainland (no convenant!) and reasonably priced. And I found it! A nice 512 sqm plot in the Wards sim. The price was a lot more than I had been hoping to pay (first land would have cost me only L$ 512), but at least I can start building now!

I had found a very nice freebie house that should fit on a 512 sqm plot. My friend A. yelled: "No! No!" because it consists of 61 prims. He thinks that eats too much out of the 117 prims allowed on a 512-lot. But it turned out to be even worse: The house would not fit: It is designed for a square lot and mine is oblong :(

OK then! I will rebuild it myself using a lot less prims. The creator of this house must have thought a beautiful look counts more than the number of prims, but I see many ways I can reduce it without making it look less beautiful.

For a start I broke off the part that will not fit on my land.

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Girl Is Born!

Hello, World!

My name is White Hyacinth and I rezzed just now.

I have always been very interested in virtual reality. In the past I have used Digital Space, a 3D-world with audio chat. Unfortunately I could not build anything in there: I did have the knowledge, but I could not find out how to make the things I built available on a server for public viewing.

Later I found out about There: Another virtual world, but without voice chat. Unfortunately the video board in my PC (Matrox; yucky!) was not suitable for that system.

Since a few years there is also Second Life. I have hesitated for a long time, but nowadays you hear so much about it! I could no longer withstand my curiosity and I went to have a look. And I was amazed. This is so much better than Digital Space and There! I am instantly hooked!

I have started with a free account, just to try things out, but I like what I see so much I think I will soon upgrade to premium member.

I have been a blogger for years but I want to keep my Second Life seperate from my Real Life, so I have decided to start a separate blog for it. That is what you are reading right now...