Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I bought some land!

Yes, I very soon decided to sign up for a premium account and then I started to check for "first land" for sale several times a day. But there was never any available. Maybe first land is a thing of the past?

So I stopped waiting and started looking for any type of land. It would have to be mainland (no convenant!) and reasonably priced. And I found it! A nice 512 sqm plot in the Wards sim. The price was a lot more than I had been hoping to pay (first land would have cost me only L$ 512), but at least I can start building now!

I had found a very nice freebie house that should fit on a 512 sqm plot. My friend A. yelled: "No! No!" because it consists of 61 prims. He thinks that eats too much out of the 117 prims allowed on a 512-lot. But it turned out to be even worse: The house would not fit: It is designed for a square lot and mine is oblong :(

OK then! I will rebuild it myself using a lot less prims. The creator of this house must have thought a beautiful look counts more than the number of prims, but I see many ways I can reduce it without making it look less beautiful.

For a start I broke off the part that will not fit on my land.

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