Tuesday, November 14, 2006

A Girl Is Born!

Hello, World!

My name is White Hyacinth and I rezzed just now.

I have always been very interested in virtual reality. In the past I have used Digital Space, a 3D-world with audio chat. Unfortunately I could not build anything in there: I did have the knowledge, but I could not find out how to make the things I built available on a server for public viewing.

Later I found out about There: Another virtual world, but without voice chat. Unfortunately the video board in my PC (Matrox; yucky!) was not suitable for that system.

Since a few years there is also Second Life. I have hesitated for a long time, but nowadays you hear so much about it! I could no longer withstand my curiosity and I went to have a look. And I was amazed. This is so much better than Digital Space and There! I am instantly hooked!

I have started with a free account, just to try things out, but I like what I see so much I think I will soon upgrade to premium member.

I have been a blogger for years but I want to keep my Second Life seperate from my Real Life, so I have decided to start a separate blog for it. That is what you are reading right now...

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