Saturday, August 25, 2007

Time machine

At startup the Second Life client shows a picture of the last place you visited on your previous session. Sometimes that is a surprise! Today I logged in from a computer I had not used for a while and I was pleasently surprised to see a picture of my first house in the Wards sim. This brought back nice memories of my first months in Second Life. Note my very early attempts at building furniture in the room. See the beautiful view I had from my living room.

It is a pity my hair was rendered in such a bad way, but I wanted to keep this picture anyway. I can never make this picture again. The Wards sim is now being ruined by Hotla Hoodoo, who griefed me out of the place by putting an ugly black wall into this beautiful view.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Churches and Animals

Today Tull and I went exploring. The first place we visited was the Chebi Mosque - Mezquita de Cordoba in the Chebi sim. We also met the creator, Marino Nuvolari, who showed us around and invited us for a cup of tea in the nearby visitor centre. I was not very succesful at taking good pictures in the mosque.

But the evening was only just starting! The first unusual thing we saw when we left the visitor centre was a horse with wings. It looked like a build of remarkable quality, so we clicked it to find out who built it. That turned out to be Julia Hathor.

We also found a beautiful little chapel that was built by Marino Nuvolari too. There was a tower next to it and we both tried to climb the stairs to the top. Climbing those steps was not very easy and I think we both cheated a little, but we did reach the top.

We decided to check out Julia's picks. If she can make such a nice horse, maybe she does other animals as well. After some boating and a musical intermezzo we moved on... We were trying to find a camel!

We found many animals and also another nice chapel. We saw donkeys, panthers, chamois, a unicorn, rabbits, wolves etcetera etcetera. But no camel!

We ended up in a pet shop. This had the advantage we did not have to explore to find the animals. They were neatly laid out on shelves along the walls. It was full of cats and dogs, even a T-rex was available. But still no camel! Maybe I will have to build a camel for Tull myself...

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Single Prim Lamps

Another product I would like the "highlight" here are my 1 prim lamps. The shapes you can create with a single prim are sometimes amazing. The shapes reminded me of Tiffany lamps, so I made two different textures in Art Deco style for them.
The first version is textured in orange and off-white. All four models are for sale individually in my shop for L$ 29 each. On SL Exchange and in some malls in SL they are available in a pack of five:
This set includes:
1 Tall floor lamp
1 Table lamp
1 Cieling lamp
2 Wall lamps
1 Bonus item: A vase in the same design

Simply click the lamp to switch the light on/off.

To the right in the picture you can see some of the other texturing as well: similar shapes, but colored in Red, Yellow and Blue. These are also avilable in my shop and on SL Exchange.