Saturday, July 11, 2009


Of course you all read about my Egg Wrapping system. It made life easier for us and other breeders. Unfortunately it soon became obsolete with the introduction of the V11 sionChickens and sionEggs. Over the past weeks we have been working on a system for collecting and packing the V11 sionEggs.
This resulted in:


Every time you click the system, it will pick up one of the eggs your chickens have laid. It fetches the egg to the location of the EggBoxer and helps you to put it into a proteggtor. Then it helps you to pack the proteggtor in a box that allows you and your customers to see all the important data about the egg inside.

All this information is collected WITHOUT HAVING TO TYPE ANYTHING.

The central element in this system is the "EggBoxer". It is a prim you install about one meter above your chicken pen. When there are eggs to be picked up, all you need to do is click the EggBoxer and it will rez a small basket, that goes out to fetch the egg for you.

This "Fetcher" picks out one of the eggs and moves itself below it to pick it up. Then it moves upward with your egg to the same height where your EggBoxer is located. Next it moves in horizontal direction to the EggBoxer.

When the Fetcher reaches the EggBoxer, a proteggtor will be rezzed on top of the EggBoxer. Now it is your turn to take some action: You have to click the proteggtor, to move the egg from the Fetcher to the proteggtor.

When the EggBoxer sees you egg has been transferred to the proteggtor, it will rez a "Wrapper" to put your egg in. The wrapper will automatically be named to reflect version, race, color vectors and color name(s) of the egg. The Wrapper will also be colored in the two colors of the egg.
Once the egg has been transferred to the proteggtor, the Fetcher is no longer needed; it will vanish automatically.

You now need to take the proteggtor into you inventory and put it into the Wrapper by dragging it from your inventory to the Wrapper, holding the <ctrl>-key. Finally you take the Wrapper, with your egg in it, into your inventory.

So what will you get this way? As you collect eggs, they will get stored in a standard way in your inventory, making it easy to see which egg is which. The boxes are also usefull when rezzed in-world: You can immediately see the two colors and when you click the box, it will display the egg's race, color names and two color vectors for 30 seconds in hovertext.

To be able to work, the EggBoxer needs to be filled with empty Proteggtors. These will have to be bought from Sion of course. You can just buy a pack of proteggtors, unpack it into your inventory and the drag the whole bunch of them from your inventory to the EggBoxer holding <ctrl>. You will then be ready for packing a lot of eggs.

You can buy the EggBoxer in my shop at
Or at XStreetSL:

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