Friday, April 10, 2009

Avatar dashboard

I've been away for a long time, but I return with a nice product: An Avatar Dashboard!

This dashboard is designed to wear as a HUD.

To use it, unpack the box and find the dashboard in your inventory.
Right-click it and choose "Wear".

You will now see the dashboard attached to the top-left of your screen.
It gives you the following information:

- Compass: Indicates the direction your avatar is facing (North, South, East, West...)
- Attitude Indicator: Shows if your are in a horizontal position or at an angle compared to the ground. ("Roll and Pitch" indicator.)

- Altitude meter: Shows the height of your avatar compared to zero level. This has a tall and a short hand. It works like a clock in that the tall hand turns quickly and the short hand turns more slowly. The tall hand makes one revolution in 100 meters of altitude, the short hand makes one revolution in 1000 meters. In addition to this analog indication, there is a four position digital indicator, with a range of 0...9999 meters of altitude.
- Speedometer: This indicates the speed at which you are moving, just like the speedometer in a car or the air speed indicator in a plane. Also it has digital counters for the distance traveled. The top one shows the distance with an accuracy up to one meter the bottom one has an accuracy of 100 meters. A decimal point indicates the value of the numbers. (The figure to the left of the decimal point is the distance in kilometers.)
- Reset button: At the bottom of the speedometer is a button you can press to reset the top distance counter to zero. (We call that a "day counter", just like in a car.)

The package includes:
- The dashboard to wear.
- This notecard to explain how to use it.
- A texture that shows an overview of where all the instruments can be found on your dashboard.

Get it on SLX:
Or in my shop:
Or, if you are really quick, you can get it for free in the gold nugget on the top floor of my shop. (The nugget is at the side of the voting box until 5 AM SLT on April 12th 2009.)

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