Monday, September 3, 2007

Another train

Today Tull took me for a ride in his car to take me to a surprise location. And I was certainly surprised. He took me to see a train! (At

Of course we wanted to have a look inside...

So I sat down, waiting for the train to depart...

...but nothing happened! Maybe this was a self-service train?
We got out and started to inspect the engine.
Driving a train can't be very difficult! Where is the main valve?

The was no way to make the train move, so we decided to inspect the tracks instead. Where do they lead? First they went over a beautiful bridge and then they disappeared into a tunnel...

And that was the end of the tracks! Obviously this train was not created to move, it was just a static build. And a very nice one!

We had a nice chat in IM with Farallon Greyskin, the guy who built this masterpiece. He turned out to be a friendly furry character. He explained that the train had far too many prims to be used as a vehicle. It was just designed to be static.
We complimented him on his building skill and then we picked up the car and went home to Tull's skybox for a final dance for this evening...

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