Saturday, June 23, 2007

Exploring the railroad

I love trains and streetcars and today I decided to finally go and have a look at the official Second Life Railroad. The Northern Continent in Second Life is home to the Second Life Railroad (SLRR), a railway that consists of 3 tracks and runs a total of 53 different regions. On the official SL blog I found a list of stations, so I teleported to the first terminal listed there.

1. SLRR Bhaga Terminal, Bhaga (103, 26, 28)
There was not a train in sight, so I followed the tracks to the next station.

2. SLRR Tenera Station, Tenera (200, 141, 83)
You see you lot of robots in SL, but Tenera railway station that looks like a robot is unusual, even in Second Life.

By the side of the tracks I did see a train, well, just an engine really, but it was not in a perfect condition.

3. SLRR Aglia Station, Aglia (147, 146, 83)

The next stop was Aglia station. Still not a train is sight!

4. SLRR Crenulate Station, Crenulate (145, 29, 86)

Crenulate Station looks a bit old-fashioned. I like this architecture, because it stands out between all the modern looking buildings in SL.

5. SLRR Clearwing/Paranthrene Station, Clearwing (255, 26, 86)

At Clearwing station one track ends and another one starts. Passengers will have to change train here.
Since I still had not seen any train, it was now clear that the whole part of the railroad I had seen so far is not operational at the moment. What a pity!

6. SLRR Foxglove Station, Foxglove (147, 230, 90)

I followed this second part of the tracks to Foxglove station. This is an example of very modern architecture. I wonder if it was completely rezzed, it looks somewhat unfinished. A building like this may look very nice in RL, but in SL this style of building is not what I prefer.

7. SLRR Lunalis, Lunalis (34, 78, 90)

I continued following the track towards Lunalis station, but before I reached that I saw a jeep with four girls in it. They were following the tracks in the opposite direction and they were planning to crash their jeep into a train...

At the wheel was "my favorite cookie". (i.e. Mystical Cookie, the creator of the wonderful Mystitool.) She invited me to join them and I sat on the hood of the jeep. Maybe not the safest place in case of crashing into a train, but I felt pretty confident that was not going to happen ;)

So we followed the tracks back in the direction I came from, all the way to the rosty tank engine by the side of the tracks. Then it was time for me to go to bed.

I still have a wish list of stations I want to go and see:

7. SLRR Lunalis, Lunalis (34, 78, 90)
8. SLRR Spini Station, Spini (98, 10, 81)
9. SLRR Jubata Station, Jubata (200, 237, 82)
10. SLRR Epirrhoe Station, Epirrhoe (172, 225, 81)
11. SLRR Zale Station, Zale (72, 194, 31)

I am sure I will get back to the railroad some day and have a look at those places!

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