Wednesday, December 27, 2006


Today's theme at The Lava Pit was "Tarzan and Jane". You know how it works: Best dressed male and female get a prize of L$ 250. The winners are chosen with a voting system.
I never won a contest like that before, so I decided to try my best and I went shopping for the best Jane-costume available in SL. So I found "SD Jane Costume Single Pack (furu)" at Stellar Designs for L$ 275.

Now anyone with half a brain can calculate I had already spent more than the prize there was to be won, but I was not satisfied yet; I also wanted a new hair: "!TAUNT >> Santa Barbara > Pirate Pack". A nice hair with three long flexi ponytails. The pirate pack holds nine different colors, the color I wear in the picture is called wheat_lick.

Of course I did not win the prize. I am beginning to understand these contests are not won by the best looking avatar, but by the one with most friends...

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