Friday, November 27, 2009

Recycler for Proteggtors

Here is another product in the category "something I needed for myself":

A recycler for expired proteggtors!

Now that we have been living with sionChickens V12 for some months, some eggs are beginning to expire.
You may have found out already, that the proteggtors can be re-used? But there is a small problem: It is quite a lot of work to make them ready to be used again.

If your proteggtors have been boxed by my EggBoxer, they are in a neat box that displays the age of your egg when clicked. If the egg is older than 60 days, the proteggtor can be recycled.

To do that, you would need to open the box and get the proteggtor into your inventory. Then you have to delete the -- now empty -- box. Then you have to rez the proteggtor and click it, to make it free again. And finally, you have to take the -- now empty -- proteggtor back into your inventory.

If you have done that ten times, you know it is easy, but tedious and messy!

To make this process easier, I have developed the Proteggtor Recycler.
It works as follows:

Drop a bunch of boxed proteggtors into the recycler. Click the recycler. Now all the boxes are rezzed in a neat row, opened automatically, and the proteggtors are rezzed above them. The boxes are automatically deleted.

So you are left with a row of proteggtors, ready to be clicked for recycling. Click the proteggtors in the row one by one. Then taken them back into your inventory one by one.
(By the way: It is also possible to drop in "bare" proteggtors; without a box; these will be lined up together with the proteggtors from your boxes.)

It saves you a whole lot of work!

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