Monday, February 26, 2007

Fashion Show

Today when I logged into SL again after dinner, I got a notice from the Fashion Consolidated group about a fashion show that was about to begin. Without much thinking I clicked on the landmark and plunged into the event.

I landed in a beautiful scene: In a forest-like environment a nice catwalk was ready for the show and there were many logs for the audience to sit on. After some failed attempts I managed to sit on a log with my head facing the right way ;)
I never new this, but aparently you will sit down facing in the direction where you came from, unless the chair has been prepared for a fixed orientation to sit.

While I was waiting for the event to begin my boyfriend IM'ed me: "Are you busy?" So I explained where I was and he wanted to join in! I never thought a guy would want to watch a fashion show...

By the time he was seated the event began. And we watched the most beautiful outfits for more than an hour. The area was packed with avatars, I counted at least 40, and that made things a little laggy, but there were no real problems and I crashed only one time.

It was a good exercise in handling the SL camera. The trick is to click on the models while holding the <ALT>-key as soon as they enter the catwalk. Then you can zoom in and out with the mouse wheel and your camera will follow the model along the catwalk. But when they go off-stage again, your camera is dragged along into the dressing room! ;)

Being a member of the Fashion Consolidated group turned out to be really useful for keeping up-to-date with fashion releases: I saw several things that had already been announced to the group.
[If you want to know the details of what we got to see, please refer to the Second Style blog. They have a very good and detailed report on this event.]

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